Business and Consumer Applications

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March 6, 2017
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March 8, 2017
At CrossBar Media, our mission is to help consumers and businesses find all audio and video content more easily.
Consumer Applications

CrossBar Media’s breakthrough technology searches ALL words and phrases in online video, rather than just the title and description, by harnessing the power of closed captioning. Our resulting Closed Captioning Cloud Database, similar to a search engine’s index, exponentially increases the number of “Search Engine Hooks” a video can have, which makes finding relevant videos as easy as searching online.

Consumers can how scan across dozens of videos, and read a quick summary of each one, thanks to our auto-summarize technology. In addition, we’ve introduced the ability to source related videos based on content, with powerful algorithms that show exactly WHY these videos were recommended (the same guest appears, you’ve liked a user’s recommendations before, etc.)

Business to Consumer Applications

Since people now spend more time with digital video than social media, finding relevant content quickly and presenting it seamlessly helps marketers trying to monetize on fast-moving targets. For any hashtag or social media trend, CrossBar’s Social Media Referral System lets advertisers select relevant videos using our cloud-based closed captioning database that updates in real-time. CrossBar Media’s innovative solutions lets marketers harness it fully by providing unparalleled real-time insight into what content users are consuming. Online media buyers can now target online audiences more efficiently, spending less money to reach an audience most receptive to their message.

Business to Business Applications

As more and more business teams work virtually and attend more online meetings, it becomes a challenge to remember who said what, why it’s relevant, and how it relates to anything else. Imagine the next webinar or recorded company meeting you watch has a summary of all discussion topics below it. In addition, all topics and concepts covered are linked to the relevant time segment of the recording. Now imagine hundreds, even thousand of videos, with all these links, concepts, and topics stored in the cloud for all company employees to reference.