CrossBar Media, PBS and 1990..

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March 7, 2017

This is the caption!

About CrossBar Media

CrossBar media was founded by Samir Abed, who was watching the closing credit roll after a broadcast of “FRONTLINE” covering Iran Contra hearings, when he noticed it said “For a transcript, please mail $5 and a self-addressed stamped envelope.”

So he sent $25┬áto PBS in New York (5 of his friends got their own copy) and waited. And waited. 6 weeks later, the transcripts arrived. What was the holdup? PBS already had the close-captioned documents in a database – he saw them with his own eyes rolling across the screen. Surely there’s a better way for consumers and businesses to utilize this precious information? And that’s where CrossBar media was formed.


As technology and information availability has evolved, so have CrossBar Media’s offerings. We now provide several powerful Close Captioning solutions for consumers and businesses. See our Applications and Patent pages to find out more.

Here is the actual Close Captioned transcript, all the way from 1990.